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It’s my birthday… so here’s a treat for you!

At some point this week (26 June – 2 July) I’m turning another year older. Yes, more (or is it less?) grey hairs, some deeper wrinkles, and more feeling like I really should tell those kids to get off my lawn, dammit!

Now, while I love getting presents, I also think its nice to give a little something back, so for this week only, the Kindle versions of books 2, 3, 4, and 5 in the J McNee series have been discounted for Kindle. Yes, that’s 99p each for books 2 and 3 (Book 1 was already at that price) while books 4 and 5 are £1.99 rather than £3.99. Prices’ll go back up at the end of the period, so go get em while they’re hot: THE J NCNEE SERIES ON KINDLE

They are of course available in other formats, but because I’m a technical doofus, not at this price. You can also get ’em in paperback, although those aren’t discounted either (and have, sadly, recently gone up in price due to printing costs — but, my God, they’re beautiful editions!)

So… happy birthday to me, and, I guess, happy my birthday to you, too, dear readers!

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