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It’s my birthday… so here’s a treat for you!

At some point this week (26 June – 2 July) I’m turning another year older. Yes, more (or is it less?) grey hairs, some deeper wrinkles, and more feeling like I really should tell those kids to get off my lawn, dammit!

Now, while I love getting presents, I also think its nice to give a little something back, so for this week only, the Kindle versions of books 2, 3, 4, and 5 in the J McNee series have been discounted for Kindle. Yes, that’s 99p each for books 2 and 3 (Book 1 was already at that price) while books 4 and 5 are £1.99 rather than £3.99. Prices’ll go back up at the end of the period, so go get em while they’re hot: THE J NCNEE SERIES ON KINDLE

They are of course available in other formats, but because I’m a technical doofus, not at this price. You can also get ’em in paperback, although those aren’t discounted either (and have, sadly, recently gone up in price due to printing costs — but, my God, they’re beautiful editions!)

So… happy birthday to me, and, I guess, happy my birthday to you, too, dear readers!

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  1. Hello Russell, I was so grateful for your zoom presentation on editing…..from some exotic holiday resort somewhere far away from me, in the pouring rain on the border of England. Thanks to Jericho writers for arranging the webinar.
    I say “thank you” even though it means going through the draft of my non fiction memoir YET AGAIN. But your advice rings true, and I’m grateful for it.

    Judith Robinson

    • Hi Judith — many thanks for getting in touch and so glad the workshop was useful! The resort was quite something even if it looked like I was in a black hole during the workshop!

      I realise how tough it can feel to go through another round of edits, but “writing is rewriting” as someone once said, and I really hope that the advice from the workshop helps you take another big step towards getting it right! (And, hard as it is, sometimes editing can even be fun!)

      Keep writing!


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