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Editing Work

Away from writing my own work, I work as a freelance editor for a number of publishing companies. I am not a commissioning editor (in other words, I have no say over what books are bought) but am brought in later to help shape manuscripts at different stages.

The majority of my work is in “development” editing, which looks at the overall structure and shape of a manuscript and works with the author to pull out the full potential of the story. But I also do line and copy edits for a number of clients we well.

If you are a publisher who would like to discuss a project with me, please contact me on (remove the underlines/spaces which are there to try and cut down on spam) with details of the project and we can talk further.

If, however, you are an independent author or someone looking to see if their manuscript has what it takes/needs further work etc, then I would direct you towards Jericho Writers, where I work as one of their editors (If you want, you can request me specifically through them). Please note that work requests from independent authors/manuscript report requests from individuals should preferably be sent through Jericho Writers (it really helps me admin-wise, and I love working with them: they have some incredible resources for writers at all levels!)

Jericho writers logo
Jericho Writers — a great resource with help and advice for writers at all levels

Some books I’ve worked on recently for publishers/success stories after manuscript reports include:

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