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Who is Big Mycroft?

Eagle eyed readers will notice that the new editions of the McNee books (see here for more info) are published by someone named Big Mycroft Books. But who is Big Mycroft?

Big Mycroft’s logo as designed by Jay Stringer

To put it simply, Big Mycroft is me. If you read that earlier post you’ll know that the rights to the McNee books reverted to me a few years ago, and so I embarked a journey of self-discover– sorry, self-publishing– – in order to give the books a uniform appearance and so forth after the series went through a number of different publishers in its short life.

It was Jay Stringer who suggested having a bit of fun and creating a publisher’s identity. And, so, I decided that if I was going to do it, then who better to name it for than this big, murdery (but only to mice) and very cute chappie:

don’t let this cute face fool you: Mycroft may look cute, but mice tremble when they hear his name…

And so, since he’s quite a big chap (like his namesake, Mycroft is remarkably intelligent but given to laziness and a little rotundity), Big Mycroft Books became the name. But, really, it’s just me. Although it should be added that all the stuff I’m no good at (cover design, layout) is handed off to freelancers like Jay himself, and the awesome JT Lindroos.

I should also add that Big Mycroft will only ever publish my books. It’s not a company, just a fun little easter egg for my self published novels. I have no intention of opening my own company! Freelancing as a dev-and-copy editor for various publishers is more than enough for me on that front!

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