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Hunting Pleonasms (with Allan Guthrie)

At the old site (which was a mess — I really hope this new one is much easier to navigate!) I used to host a pdf of author, editor, and agent Allan Guthrie’s (His website is sadly no longer available, but you can still find him at the North Agency where — conflict of interest alert! — he represents my novels) superb essay on editing: Hunting Down the Pleonasm.

This was originally hosted (as you’ll see from the pdf) by Highland Arts organisation Hi-Arts/Emergents, but is currently quite difficult to find online. However, with permission from the man himself, I have been able to host it on my website, and you’ll find an embed of the original pdf below. Its a straightforward essay on voice, and how to maximise the impact of your writing for dramatic effect and, above all, clarity. It also explains what a pleonasm is, so you too can start overusing the word when discussing your editing process.

Enjoy! And happy writing!


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